Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Recap Of The Last Two Weeks

The bad things that almost happened
1. Josh almost died

2. Josh almost had to stay in the hospital for another week
3. Mom almost had a kidney infection

4. I almost broke my toe (aka I have a really big bruise and cut on it)
5. I almost had the stomach flue ( its amazing what alka seltzer can do)

The good things that did happen
1. Josh did survive
2. We did get to come home
3. Our dogs did have puppies ( 5 cute puppies)

4. I did get surprised by a lot of friends that painted my room for me

5. We did give out a lot of candy

and last but not least number 6. We all did get to see Gods hand in our lives and we got to see Gods mercy and his ever lasting love, even though we questioned him through every twist and turn.

Our God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, pow'r and love our God is an awesome God.


  1. God is good! So glad you are enjoying home again. Is that silver dachshund? I've not seen that color before!!! Post more pics for me to drool over please. :)
    (blogger doesn't let me post on accounts some days so I have to go anonymous)

  2. Sarah you truly have a great eye behind the camera! I love the pics you take!! God is an awesome God!


  3. Great pictures! You are an incredible girl. Love you Sarah, praying for you specifically today :)