Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Way Of Life

We have been in Houston for 4 days  and it already feels like a life time. We've meet new people, got lost, we've had three mishaps with the car and already found a church to go to wile we're here with amazing people. The people we have met treat us like old friends and have made our time here a little more bearable.

The place we are staying is called the Ronald Mc Donald House, it's like a home made into a hotel. The people that volunteer here are always in good spirits and you can tell they enjoy working here. The people that stay here get their own kitchen space and their own chore to do. Ours is cleaning up the play room after the kids are done playing in it. The house used to be an office building but they have managed to make it look and feel like a safe haven for people far from there homes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My sweet 16 His 50th party

So today was supposed to be my sweet 16 party and my dad's surprise birthday party, but since we are in the hospital waiting for the plane to take Josh to Houston we couldn't do it. So my cousins decided to throw a party for us. Earlier in the day, my cousin Lauren was asking weird questions like what kind of cake do you like, who's your favorite artist and what's your favorite color. Then my other cousin Katie walked into the room and as soon as she was in Lauren pulled her out of the room saying "I really need to talk to you!"

I started thinking something was up but I didn't think to say anything about it. Later on they said they were going to the cafeteria for some drinks and they were gone for an hour. Josh thought they got lost so he got up to find them and my mom stopped him saying that he was starting to look pale. Then they came in with the cake and we all ended up having a blast waiting in the hospital room. 

Lauren & Josh

My Brother Has Leukemia

Three days ago we found out that Josh has leukemia and at that point our world turned upside down. Yesterday we found out that he has a rare case of leukemia that's called AML, and the only people that get it are 55 years old and up, or 7 years old and under.  My brother is 17 and he's had it for 6 months. Hi, my name is Sarah and I am going to be telling you about what's going on in my life right now and the best place to start is on June 28th. Josh just got back from visiting friends and family in California and he wasn't feeling well so he went to bed and stayed there for the next few weeks. Last week he still wasn't feeling well, but he decided he was well enough to go to Thursday night volleyball. After the game he was a funny yellowish color, so mom told him that if he was still sick on Monday, she was going to take him to the hospital.

So I left for camp on Sunday thinking  everything was fine, but on Monday my mom called to tell me that Josh was in the BSA hospital and that the doctors were testing him for leukemia and a few other things. Right when she told me that, I couldn't  breathe. It felt like some one had kicked me in the stomach.

When the phone call ended the people that I went to camp with kept coming up and telling me that it's all going to be alright. They were being so nice. I knew they were trying to help, but all I could think was, "PLEASE STOP TELLING ME THAT!!!" "How on earth do you know that its going to be okay? What if he has leukemia, then what are you going to tell me? Or what if he dies? How can everything be okay if he dies?" Later I cooled off and began doing better and just went on enjoying the camp.

Then on Wednesday, while I was at dinner, my dad called and I knew it wasn't good. He said to me, "Sarah are you at a place where we can talk, Josh has leukemia." and I saw everything falling apart in front of me and couldn't do anything to stop it. When I hung up, I was determined not to cry, but when I sat down and they asked what was wrong I told them he had leukemia.  I lost it and ran out of the building crying. One of my friends followed me out and just let me cry on her, and that night they all prayed for my brother and for me. After that I said goodbye to every one.

I left camp the next morning, which happened to be my dads 50th birthday, so after I called him old, said that he only looked 49 and just made fun of his age, he explained everything to me and what might happen in the future. He also told me that we might have to go to a specialist. After he told me all of that I started listing to my ipod and the song, When Gods People Pray, by Crystal Lewis, came on, it felt like a ten pound weight had been lifted of my shoulders (its a great song). That night my family from California came and surprised Josh in the hospital, his face was priceless!

Right now we are still in the Amarillo hospital and every one that went to camp with me stopped by on their way home and prayed with us,  they are so awesome!!!! We found out 4 hours ago that we got an appointment at MD Anderson in Houston tomorrow, if they can find a bed for him. So they are planning to put Josh in the ambulance at 8:30 in the morning. So please pray for us.      
p.s. I feel like I'm in a dream and if I am someone please wake me up before it turns into a night mare.

my brother and I