Friday, September 30, 2011

Baseball Diamond

Well we are back in Houston and it was kind of a depressing ride. But right when we walked into the Ronald McDonald House they gave us amazing baseball tickets to the Asteroids game. It was an awesome experience. I've never been that close to home base and I got some great photos.  

Now they are giving my dad and I tickets to the Texan's game on sunday.
Yay! I cant wait.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Tri State Fair

I love going to the fair. There is so much you can do and see. When my Mom and I went Saturday, we played with baby tigers. We also watched a hypnotist perform, and no, we did not volunteer to go on stage. Sadly I forgot my camera, but thankfully I have one on my phone. So I was able to get so pic's of the baby tigers that we played with. Another sad factor, was that my Dad and my Brother Josh had to stay at the hospital and not go with us. But I did get him a funny wig from the fair.

I think I won" The Weirdest, coolest Sister of the year award" from this.

                                     Warning the camera on my phone is really dinky.

 Me and the baby

We played with this little girl

This is her bugging her sister

Well until next time, Luv ya. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angels In Our Life

I believe that we are always being guarded by angels. We don'd always see them, although some people claim they can. Most of us can't, unless they show them selves to us in disguise.
You see, I believe, our human eyes can't handle what they look like because they are so awesome that if we saw them we would probably go insane. So when they're here on earth we don't recognize them, because they look like us or they take the shape of smaller insignificant things. Like statues or paintings and some times you can even catch them in a picture.

                                       Angels do exist and they are watching over you right now.
I know this isn't an angel but its a reminder that they are here sent by God just for us.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Photos From New York

Hey sorry it took me so long to get these photos up, I hope you enjoy them.

Time Square 

Yum My Favorite Store

Can You Tell It Was Raining

Lady Liberty & A Water Taxi    

The Empire State Building 

This Was The Starbucks Inside Of The Empire State And It's Where I Created My Favorite Drink. The Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Frappuccino. 

I hope you enjoyed all my photos.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Photos For The Tri State Fair

These are the pictures I'm going to enter into the Tri State Fair.

                            Please pray over these, this is my first time entering something into the Tri State Fair.